Air Jordan 4 Sneakers

Air Jordan 4 sneakers debuted in February 1989 during the NBA All-Start Game. They are the fourth installment of the signature shoes designed for the Bulls’ legend Michael Jordan.

Created by Tinker Hatfield, Air Jordan 4 shared many similarities to its predecessor – Air Jordan 3. The shoes featured the classic Air Max cushion, enlarged tongue, and “Nike Air” logo on the heel. It does not mean Tinker did not bring something new to the table, though. Air Jordan 4 introduced plastic lace eyelet wings and netting on the upper. Hatfield introduced this feature to reduce weight, combining a more casual style with utility.

As of today, Air Jordan 4 remains one of the most popular models in the Nike Air brand. All thanks to its eye-catching design and scarcity. Available in a variety of colorways, Air Jordan 4 is a must-have for any sneaker collector.

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